Please keep in mind that as the majority of our ingredients are local and fresh, our menu is updated frequently.
We are happy to offer many gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options to many of our dishes.

Little Innuendos
Hummus Plate
house made hummus (garbonzo, tahini, garlic, olive oil), warmed house made pita, assorted olives, pepperoncini, Feta.
BBQ Gorgonzola Potato Wedges
roasted herbed potatoes, warm house made bbq, smoked onions and topped with gorgonzola
Roasted Goat Cheese
surrounded with spinach pesto, roasted garlic cloves, tomato and grilled bread
Marinated Mushroom Bruschetta
mushroom medley, balsamic syrup, extra virgin olive oil, greens, shaved parmesan
Marsala Braised Cauliflower
herbs, roasted garlic, marsala butter sauce, crumbled blue cheese
Street Tacos
two, grilled white corn tortillas, house smoked chicken thigh, Lomi tomato & onion relish, cilantro, sour cream, salsa.
Hawaiian Kalua style chicken Spring Rolls
hand rolled with roast chicken thigh & vegetable, golden fried, flavorful dipping sauce.

Organic Mixed Greens
cucumber, marinated red onions, brined carrot, cumin citrus vinaigrette, blue or ranch.
Classic Caesar Salad
romaine, croutons, parmesan, Caesar dressing
Rumor Mill Beet Salad
house-cured beets, mixed greens, red onion, fresh goat cheese, toasted pepitas, egg, cumin-citrus vinaigrette
Our Greek Salad
cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, kalamata olives, bell peppers, feta cheese, oregano, Greek seasoning, olive oil tossed, over romaine, with pita bread & tzatziki.

Burgers & Sandwiches
We proudly serve grilled natural Oregon Country Beef, with lettuce, tomato, onion & whole grain mustard garlic mayo. Burgers and sandwiches come with choice of french fries, Caesar, mashed & braised beef gravy, mixed greens or herb roasted potatoes. Substitute grilled chicken breast on any burger or sandwich. Gluten free bun available
Plain Jane Burger
on toasted Kaiser with fixins’
Rumor Mill Signature Burger
house made bbq sauce, mesquite smoked onions, classic cheddar, toasted Kaiser
Roasted Mushroom & Havarti Chicken Burger
marinated breast, herb-roasted mushroom medley, melted havarti, toasted Kaiser
Hoisin Chicken Sandwich
hoisin glazed marinated breast, Sriracha sesame ranch, cucumber, charred green onion, lomi tomato relish, leaf lettuce, toasted torta roll
Peggy’s Homemade Vegan Patty
rolled oats, kidney beans, walnuts, carrots, onion and mushrooms. Served on toasted torta roll with roast garlic hummus, red onion, lettuce, sliced tomato
Guard Sundstrom Island Lamb Sandwich hand formed Feta, onion, tomato grilled lamb patty, house tzatziki, leaf lettuce, Torta roll

Magic Mushroom Flatbread marinated mushroom medley, roast garlic olive oil base, mozzarella, parmesan, bread crumbs, mushroom seasoning, hemp seed.
Gorgonzola and Chicken BBQ Flatbread
bbq sauce, house smoked thigh & onions, mozzarella, bell peppers, crumbled gorgonzola, green onion
Wild Shrimp Flatbread
hoisin base, wild Oregon Bay shrimp, green pepper, spinach, pineapple, mozzarella cheese blend, green onion & cilantro finish

Rumor Mill Stone Hearth Pizzas
9 inch hand tossed dough, mozzarella blend and homemade marinara.
Five cheese blend ~ Pepperoni ~ Spinach, Mushroom and Roasted Garlic ~ Meatlover’s Pepperoni, house made zesty Italian sausage and ham

Opa!!! Greek Dinners
Chicken Gyro sandwich & spanakopita
Marinated chargrilled chicken breast, house made pita & tzatziki, onion, Feta, tomato, olive oil & Greek seasoning sandwich, Spanakopita & green salad.
Greek Wedge shrimp salad
iceberg lettuce wedge, tzatziki ranch, tomato, red onion, Kalamata, cucumber, Feta, wild Oregon bay shrimp.
House Made Spanakopita
baked spinach and cheese layered in phyllo pastry, and herbed roast potato wedges
local ground lamb patties, hand formed with herbs, tomato, onion and feta. Served with grilled vegetables and roasted potatoes
Greek Combo
baked spanakopita, keftedes lamb patty, & Greek salad

Main Dinners
panko breaded pork loin, golden fried, Katsu sauce, Jasmine rice, ginger sesame garlic vegetable sauté, house made toasted & buttered coconut bread
Rumor Mill Steak Salad
grilled 6oz mesquite smoked flat iron, spring greens, tomato, marinated mushroom, red onion, gorgonzola crumbles, with ranch, blue or cumin citrus vinaigrette
Marsala Gorgonzola Chicken Breast
marinated grilled breast, topped with Marsala wine braised cauliflower, over mashers, with broccolini & blue cheese sprinkles
Oven Roasted Wild Salmon
cedar plank, roasted potatoes, grilled veggies, spinach pesto
Chicken Tikka Masala
boneless thigh, yogurt marinated & chargrilled, in a tomato garlic coconut milk curry sauce, Jasmine rice, house made toasted & buttered coconut bread
Mesquite Smoked Flat Iron Steak
8 ounce, finished on the grill, with fresh herb butter, served with mashed potatoes, grilled vegetables
Original Meatloaf
pork & beef, bacon, hint of horseradish, mashers, braised beef gravy, vegetables

Kids Menu 12 & under
hand tossed 6 inch cheese or pepperoni pizza
grilled cheese sandwich
2 mini cheese burgers
cheese quesadilla
comes with choice of carrot & cucumber, French fries or mandarin orange slices

The Health Department warns the risk of consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry and seafood may result in food borne illness.